A little piece of forest
at your fingertips

The inside out Ubíqua Living Frame

Passionate about natural dynamics, plants and eco-design, we combine our
knowledge and experience to create an easy-to-use product and optimal
solution for plants to thrive on vertical surfaces.

Friendly and easy to use

Plug it in and the irrigation system
will do the job. With no need for soil, the multi-membrane hydroponic system retains water and keeps plants hydrated.

An ideal medium to grow

The metal frame works as a
container generating an internal
microenvironment, guaranteeing
constant temperature and humidity.

Taking care of each other

Hang it up, plug it in and enjoy
the benefits that plants offer you.
Strengthen your connections with
nature in a subtle and
intelligent way.

Ubiqua Living Frame is composed of 100% recyclable materials.

That protects the internal system, provides structural stability, and can be customized with unique designs and finishes.

Without soil, so the water is reused, it
does not generate weeds, the presence
of pests and diseases is much less, not
so many insecticides and herbicides are
used and it relieves the weight of the
Ubiqua Living Frame when it is reinstalled in another place.

Ubíqua Living Frame has an integrated electrical irrigation system in a self-hydrating hydroponic medium, made up of a liquid-retaining membrane and a high-density board sheet as support.

User manual

Each Ubíqua Living Frame comes with its own guide where you can find detailed information and recommendations to keep your plants always vitalized.

User manual

Download here

environmental awareness
increase imagination
health revitalization
outside in
environmental concentration
visual improvement
creative improvement
dissipating magnetic charges
real connection
romantic atmosphere

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