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Yes of course! We are open to personalized ideas. One of our mottos is to be friendly and flexible Email us at

Yes, we have a wide range of colors but we have 4 in stock: white, black, red and blue. but if you want it in gold, or turquoise blue, you can make a special order and the costs will be applied additionally.

the sizes are related to the 4 lines of Ubíqua Living Frame: Fluminensis (click) Singonium (Click) Exaltata (click) Nidus (Click)
and finally, Ubíqua Living Frame has a metal frame which can be customized with unique designs. To see some that are already installed follow us on our Instagram account, there you can see our best Ubíqua Living Frame ready and brimming with vitality.

Our Ubíqua Living Frame fit all types of needs and users. As soon as Ubíqua Living Frame enters the desired space, two basic considerations must be taken:
1. type of material of the surface or wall where it will be installed, since it can be made in concrete, wood, tile or drywall and for this, a specific type of screw is required. (Download installation manual for more information)
2. the quality of lighting, whether natural or artificial, of the place where the Ubíqua Living Frame will be arranged. You have to be sure of this factor and for this, check the lighting quality table that we have for you. (Follow the link with the characteristics of lighting and plants)

Ubiqua Living Frame are not always the same. the metal frame, its colors and formats can be identical, but they can also be customized if the customer so requires (Customized options). The size of the frame is preset according to the 4 different lines that we have:

Syngonium whose shape is oblong and vertical, which makes it perfect bringing continuity between columns or windows.
Nidus, its horizontal shape goes very well with low and long spaces.
Exaltata, they adapt very well to any space, especially when they go together, they can add value in the internal decoration.
And Fluminensis, whose main characteristic is having a square shape, which is very well adapted for small niches or Fluminensis Father, for those spaces that need to be purified with natural plants. (Pre Order)

The composition of each of the Ubiqua Living Frame is unique, despite the fact that we use the same plants or the same configuration.
Plants behave differently and the most important thing, that they flourish, grow and are always vitalized depends solely and mainly on the care that their owner gives them.

It is easy, simple and fun.

Water: Refill the reservoir approximately every 2 weeks to keep the Ubíqua Living Frame hydrated. The frequency with which you water will depend mainly on the amount of light the garden receives and how fast the plants grow. Monitor your Ubíqua Living Frame carefully during the first week paying close attention to the water reservoir. You should water it just before the water pumping drops below the water level. To know the water level, it is necessary to use the marked glass tube that is included in the purchase of the Ubíqua Living Frame. (See maintenance manual)

Light: make sure your Ubíqua Living Frame gets the light it needs depending on the type of plants. Plants requires at least 1500 Luxes at the lowest light level to survive. If you are unsure of your light levels, click here.

Food: Plants also get hungry. A little food goes a long way. We recommend using any water-soluble fertilizer and following the directions on the side of the product once a month.

Bright, indirect or low light? Here the easy way to determine light levels to guide your plants selection.
Download a light meter app from the app store. We recommend: LUX LIGHT METER also, we recommend to know more about type of plants the following application: LEAFSNAP

Bright indirect light: If your wall gets full, direct sun or very bright light for at least 6 hours a day.
Indirect Light: If your wall would get mostly filtered or dappled sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.
Low Light: If your wall gets no direct light at all. Finding a shadow to cast on this wall might feel impossible.
(Go to the light palette link)

NOTE: Ubíqua Living Frame must have exposure to no less than 1500 luxes at the lowest light level in order to survive. If your wall is too dark, supplemental lighting must be used.

it all depends on the species factor and the care factor. For the first option, we have a list of plants with their respective specifications including care and compatibility with other species, with which you can design your own Ubíqua Living Frame configuration. For the second option, you must follow the steps as shown in the videos and the Ubíqua Living Frame maintenance manual (click here) caring for a plant is very simple, but like a pet, they show you their mood with gestures, positions, firmness and colors. The only thing they don’t produce is sound, but who knows in the future 🙂

We guarantee plants up to 14 days from the day of arrival of Ubíqua Living Frame. But things can happen to plants that are beyond our control. Ubíqua Living Frame’s flexible pockets accommodate many different plant sizes, from seeds to plants the size of a 160-millimetre perimeter container.

Follow the step by step of our videos or user manuals (click here)

Ubíqua Living Frame is composed of 100% recyclable materials.

1. Metal frame: that protects the internal system, provides structural stability, and can be customized with unique designs and finishes.
2. Vegetable layer: Without soil, so the water is reused, it does not generate weeds, the presence of pests and diseases is much less, not so many insecticides and herbicides are used and it relieves the weight of the Ubiqua Living Frame when it is reinstalled in another place.
3. Irrigation System: Ubíqua Living Frame has an integrated electrical irrigation system in a self-hydrating hydroponic medium, made up of a liquid-retaining membrane and a high-density plastic sheet as support.

Of course! Ubíqua Living Frame offers the possibility of renewing your products or if you think it is time to change the Ubíqua Living Frame for a larger one, don’t worry, we will take care of the previous Ubíqua Living Frame, we will buy it or give you a discount on your next purchase due to the fact that you have delivered it to us. We will give it a new life and thus together, we help the planet.

At this time, please allow 6-8 weeks for all domestic deliveries within Japan Ubíqua Living Frame might arrive sooner, but we’ll keep you posted with a tracking number.

We are happy to offer shipping worldwide. Email us at

Technically, yes, the metal frame has a powder-coated finish to help with strength and durability, but be aware of harsh outdoor conditions, salinity, dust, pollution, acid rain, etc. will degrade Ubíqua Living Frame’s metal frame faster over time. The 1-year warranty only covers for indoor use.

The anchoring system that Ubiqua Living Frame uses to stay on the walls, is resistant to all kinds of natural movements and own weight (plants, water and frame). However, natural forces cannot be calculated with precision and it is advisable in these situations not to be close to it. Ubiqua Living Frame is not responsible for accidents and damages that occur in these types of situations. (read precautions sheet).

Ubiqua Living Frame has brackets sturdy enough to carry its own weight. Please do not put extra weight on the metal frame or hang from it. It may cause serious injury or accident. The installation of the frames is carried out by the specialized personnel of Ubiqua Living Frame, however, you can do it yourself. (see installation manual)

Like all living things, plants need to be fed when they are not in their natural space. Ubiqua Living Frame provides the necessary conditions for plants to live as long as the owner’s hand is aware of them. So the recommendation is:

1. Ask someone to take care of your Ubiqua Living Frame. It is enough that the lower water tank is filled with water at the recommended level, and that it is connected to the electrical outlet for at least 30 minutes. (the connection time and irrigation frequency are related to the temperature or season of the year) (see maintenance manual)
2. Disassemble the Ubiqua Living Frame and take it to a friend. (see installation manual)
3. We provide the maintenance and care service. Email us at to know about it.
4. You definitely don’t want to ask someone to help you with the plants, don’t worry. Transplantation is easy and simple, so when you arrive on vacation, you can carry out this process yourself. (see transplant manual)
5. Taking care of plants takes a lot of time because you keep traveling. Don’t worry, the metal frame not only fulfills the function of a container for plants, its content can also be replaced with customizable metal screens, which will add a new and elegant touch to your decoration. click here to know more about it. or follow @ for more references.

Yes, absolutely. Keep in mind that herbs need medium to high light in order to thrive. Here’s a list of herbs that will do best in your Ubíqua Living Frame given the appropriate light conditions: Arugula, Parsley, Chives, Mint, Cilantro, Dill, Marjoram, Oregano.

It is not possible for this type of animal to reproduce, since the motor pump has two functions: to send the water to the top and filter it of waste. However, it is recommended that you do not spend a lot of time with the same water and that you move it at least once a week.

Ubíqua Living Frame is a product made and distributed in Japan. The main offices are located in the South of the country and depending on the quantity of the order, we can send the Ubiqua Living Frames fully transplanted.

however, the Ubíqua Living Frame system can be easily transplanted by following the step-by-step transplant manual (click here) or the demonstration videos. (Click here)

You can get several types of plants like Platycerium Bifurcatum, Calatheas, Orchids, Anthurium, Epipremnum aureum, Asplenium Nidus, Philodendro, Singonium, Hoya Krimson Queen, Monstera Deliciosa, Begonias, etc. at your local plant nursery. Although plants can also be purchased online. We also plan to provide a list of our recommendations soon. See our plants.

We guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of Ubíqua Living Frame for up to 1 year. Plants are covered for up to 14 days from the day Ubíqua Living Frame at your house.

You have up to 14 days to return Ubíqua Living Frame unharmed to our HQ, no questions asked.
Phone / +8180 2723 0804

Ubiqua Living Frame does not leak. Before being delivered, it is tested in our workshop for several days in search of leaks or drips. So we guarantee not to generate humidity on the surfaces of your spaces.

Take into account 2 reasons why humidity can be generated:

1. The lower tank of the Ubiqua Living Frame must not exceed the limits, otherwise the water will overflow and wet your wall or your floor.
2. When the leaves are wet with an atomizer, the drops will gather and fall due to the act of gravity. There is nothing Ubiqua Living Frame can do to avoid it.

This service is provided to determine the conditions of the vegetation layer of our Ubíqua Living Frame. First, we proceed to review each plant in detail and prune the leaves that need it. These are delicately cleaned and if a new transplant is definitely required, our specialized team will proceed with the activity. The conditions of the irrigation system are also reviewed and recommendations are given for future situations. If a total change of the vegetal layer is required, the team will uninstall the Ubíqua Living Frame and take it to our workshop to provide the total transplant service.

Holding time under normal conditions: between 15 to 30 minutes.

Total change of the vegetal layer: between one to two weeks.

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