Light levels


Light is part of the 6 ingredients plants need to do well which are:
light, water, humidity, healthy soil, warm temperatures and nutrients. The right balance for each of these is key. Too much and most plants will suffer. Too little of any of these and plants cannot survive.

Light is needed for photosynthesis and the right light levels for plants needs to be studied as it differs considerably from plant to plant. Light is needed for plants to conduct a chemical process that turns it into sugars using light,
water and carbon dioxide.

Low Light

This is the category of light only the hardiest and sturdiest can tolerate and few indoor plants are thriving under low light conditions.

Many rooms qualify as low light, especially in winter. Rooms with north-facing or partially shaded windows would qualify as low light situations. If you can’t easily read a newspaper, it’s probably low light.
Plants can still grow in low-light rooms with the addition of artificial light.

Recommended window distance: 1.5 meters

Indirect Light

Well, what is indirect-light then? Medium-light is light that you get in a bright room but that is not direct. Medium-light is the level of light plants receive when placed somewhat away from a window.

Indirect light can be found in places with an east-facing window, or in an interior of a room that receives full light from a south- or west-facing window.
This can also mean there’s a sheer curtain between the light source and your plant, for instance.

Recommended window distance: 1 meters

Bright indirect Ligh

Bright indirect light is light that does not directly land on the leaves of your plant when sent from the sun. They land on something else first and then bounce off.

also, Bright indirect light means a sunny southern or western facing window that receives direct light all day long. It should get a minimum of five to six hours of sunlight each day, preferably more. This can be hard to accomplish during the winter but resist the temptation to move your plant closer to the window. Most plants that need bright light will not be able to handle the cold draft that increases the closer you move toward a window.

Recommended window distance: 0,5 meters


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