Ubíqua Living Frame - Rental

For special events (weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc.) where natural arrangements are required, Ubíqua Living Frame rents its portable vertical gardens, supported by a rolling structure which facilitates mobility through space, providing ease and flexibility at the time of decoration with natural plants.

We also give the possibility of installing Ubíqua Living Frame in large-scale institutes (hospitals, universities, colleges, offices, etc.), where it is necessary to revitalize spaces with vertical gardens. Ubíqua Living Frame every 4 months changes the gardens for completely new ones. For this, a one-year contract is established, in which plant maintenance and installation services are included. Thus, the corridors, offices and different spaces will always be with plants full of happiness and frames with unique finishes. This service is designed in order to give a new look and to follow the rhythm of the seasons naturally.

Short term

What more beautiful than to decorate a moment with plants and even more so, that these are bursting with life, as a symbol of the special time that is celebrated.

Weddings, New Years, Christmas, birthdays, decoration in restaurants, special meetings, celebration of contracts, graduation ceremonies, etc.

The Short Term service includes the transportation and installation of the Ubiqua Living Frames through rolling shelves, which allows flexibility and easy arrangement of these vertical gardens. It does not require perfection or complicated work.

Long term

Green is synonymous with life, vitality, freshness, cleanliness and renewal. The corridors of a college or university, the waiting rooms of a clinic or doctor’s office, the cafeteria of some public place, etc. They are spaces in which spending time in them becomes boring and quite depressing. What better idea to revitalize them with our Ubiqua Living Frames through the Long Term service.

It takes time, staff and the right environmental conditions to keep plants always healthy. We take care of the maintenance and installation of completely new Ubiqua Living Frame in your spaces periodically, according to your needs or the seasons of the year.

Rental area

We are located in Kurume, Fukuoka. However, rental services are provided throughout the country. Transportation prices will be calculated according to the distance.

We are growing and our goal is to spread green around the world. We carry our Ubiqua Living Frames everywhere to share joys and environmental awareness at the same time.


Ubiqua Living Frame offers an innovative and elegant way to decorate all kinds of special events with plants that are still alive.
Ubiqua Living Frame invites the non-mistreatment of plants in flower arrangements and the revitalization of common areas.

It is quick and easy: It is quick and easy: It is quick and easy:


Connect everyone with nature.
All the rigor and knowledge at the service of environment and art. Use the business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental problem. Love for Flora and Fauna requires participation in the fight to conserve them.


Provide sustainable designs to improve the daily life of many people. Keep stakeholders up to date on our progress and challenges.
Create a strong and positive perception of Ubíqua Living Frame in the mind of the customer.


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