The presence of nature in your home can be the key element to make it a more welcoming place. These benefits of having plants inside your apartment will help you see why we say so.

If you needed reasons to venture to place a Ubiqua Living Frame as part of the decoration, at the end of reading the benefits you will have plenty of reasons to do so.

And it is that the sensation of being surrounded by these silent and green living beings generates an unparalleled connection with our environment abroad without leaving home.

If you have experienced the happiness of watering your plants, taking care of them and watching them grow, you will surely know what we mean.

Indoor plants don’t just look good – they can make us feel good, too. Studies have shown that indoor plants…

The Couple

Sebastian Sarasty

“I believe that in this world every living being lives thanks to special connections that exist in the environment. Being part of the ecosystem in which we live, we need each other, supporting each other, growing, learning, completing the cycle of life.

Everything we have and are is thanks to our mother nature. It is time that we return to her with intelligence and love, the same that she has been giving us.

As a landscape architect, I am passionate about providing new project ideas such as our Ubíqua Living Frame, so that the natural ties that have always existed are reestablished and maintained, and that at the same time human beings are fundamental and egalitarian protagonists of this story that still continues.”

Natsuki Sarasty

“I was surrounded by nature since I was a child, I knew what kind of influence and characteristics an insect, an animal and a plant had on us. But as time passes, cities expand and digitization evolves, people seek to be updated and, little by little, we are distancing ourselves from nature.

Camping is a way to find the connection we need with that green and fresh space, but we have to wait until it is the weekend and the weather does not prevent us from going there. With our Ubíqua Living Frame, if I do not seek nature intentionally, it is always possible that the benefits of the forest are close to me. I am a committed person who seeks to be in contact with nature, and my goal is to provide the channel throug which we can reconnect with it again.”

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Story of Story of Story of

Ubíqua Living Frame

It was a cold night in January 2016 and Oscar Jiménez my friend (industrial designer) and the writer Sebastian Sarasty (landscape architect), we sat on a pathway in the streets of the city of Pasto in Colombia. With the company of couple beers, we began to discuss various topics, especially about our professional experiences, current environmental points of view and the future that awaited us. 

After several hours talking, we decided to form a company which would solve through our designs, the biggest problem that society has today: The lack of empathy and disconnection with nature, its dynamics and importance of plants in the lives of all living things.

So, it was then, how we decided through our portable vertical gardens, to regenerate that old connection and, above all, to create environmental awareness, which is what moves people to do their best to change the world. 

After several years of constantly working and after a break that the company had, the doors of the workshop open with new faces and energy. The knowledge acquired in Brazil with the Master in Landscape Architecture, in Colombia with the learning put into practice, in Australia with the artistic work with metal sheets and now, it is a pride for us to be in the country of the rising sun, Japan, learning first-hand its culture, history, technology and environmental knowledge.

Natsuki Sarasty my wife (international lawyer) is the new sales director, who enriches us with her deep knowledge in human resources and marketing strategies. With her passion for the environment, we share the same objective, which is to provide through our Ubíqua Living Frame, the experience of having a little piece of forest, at our fingertips.

The story continues and we know for sure that the future will be green.

Ubíqua Living Frame 

Growing up Together