Exaltata, they adapt very well to any space, especially when they go together, they can add value in the internal decoration.

Weight 10.8 kg
Dimensions 862 × 532 × 90 mm


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Ubíqua Living Frame
is a portable vertical garden. It adapts to any vertical surface
regardless of the material, providing elegance, versatility and
freshness in spaces.
Irrigation System
An integrated electric irrigation system in a self-hydrating hydroponic medium.
Metal frame
Acts as a container and can be customized according to customer tastes. (color, design, size)
Plant layer
Includes previously adapted plants or is sold without them.
follow the detailed manual or videos for a proper transplant.
User Manual
Each Ubíqua Living Frame comes with its own guide where
you can find more information and detailed recommendations.
observation: like a painting, its brushstrokes and amount of
color are unique. Our Ubiqua Living Frames are painted with
living colors, and although we occasionally use the same
plants, they will always be unique and unrepeatable. For more
information, do not hesitate to write or call us at: sales@ubiqualivingframe.com


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Customizable Options

We know that, like plants, each one of us is unique and unrepeatable. For this reason, we offer you a large number of personalized options with which you can play and combine and thus obtain your own Ubíqua Living Frame. 

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Colors & finishes
Powder coated quality:
RAL 1004 Golden yellow
RAL 3014 Antique pink RAL 5021 Water blue
RAL color_PDF.
Special Plants
Letters & Simbols
Personal messages:
Of love
Company`s name
Special Designs
Unique shapes:
Half Moon
The Island
Internal Screen
Contrasting backgrounds
Black & White
Blue & Gold
Red & Silver...
Unique shapes:
Japanese Oak
MDF Wood..
Size & Shapes
Size to suit you :
Fit here...
Internal Lighting
Versatility with led strips:

Versatility & Evolution

Ubiqua Living Frame works hand in hand with So Eleganto Design, who in strategic union, develop ideas and versatile designs, with which we give different functions to our products.

Change your World

Ubiqua Living Frame is suitable for thousands of different types of plants. Many indoor plants that come in pots will grow well in a Ubiqua Living Frame. Plants that grow naturally in the jungle, rainforest, or near a water source are best suited for the Ubiqua Living Frame. Some examples include types of: orchids, anthuriums, ferns, calatheas, hoyas, mosses, platicerum, philodendrons, and more. Each example given is a family consisting of thousands of types of species.

Pour water on it

The Ubiqua Living Frame basically requires water to be poured into the bottom. The amount of water required is according to size. It has two forms of irrigation: An automatic one, which is through the geotextile membrane that slowly diffuses the water through it and is retained, which gives the plant time to drink and allows it to water less frequently; The liquid rises by capillarity. And the other form of irrigation is electric, which allows the water to be pumped to the top, covering all the surface of the vertical garden, feeding each of the plants in the same way.

a Truly Living Frame

Outside, in the middle of a forest, the relationships that exist between the living beings that inhabit it are extremely functional and affective. The plants share not only food, but information through their roots. It is the social network par excellence called an ecosystem.

The Ubiqua Living Frame has in its interior a surface created by a recyclable geotextile arranged in a certain way, in which it allows the roots of the plants to expand, share information and nutrients and establish a small collaborative environment, just as they do in the Forest.


Watching your plants grow. Ubiqua Living Frame gives you the opportunity to see your little friends up close and enjoy when they grow up. You have a highly visible timeline, as you can see the evolutionary process of plants in the frame: from transplanting to roots grasping and growing in search of water, leaves are spread out into the light and flowers bloom.
You will not stop thinking about your plants and imagine with what surprise they will await you when you get home.